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Message from the Chair

Promoting the rule of law at both the national and international levels is at the very heart of the United Nations’ mission. The principle that everyone – from the individual right up to the State itself – is accountable to laws that are equally enforced and independently adjudicated is a fundamental concept. It drives the UN’s work in all areas and at all levels – from the maintenance of peace and security to sustainable development.

As a lawyer and former professor of law, I retain a deep personal commitment to the United Nations work in promoting the rule of law. As Chair of the Rule of Law Coordination and Resource Group supported by the Rule of Law Unit, strong effort is being made to render the Organization’s commitment in support of rule of law activities more strategic and coherent.

One of the key challenges we face is that the rule of law field is crowded and complex. There are many different actors in this area, from inside and outside the United Nations. These actors work on a range of critical global goals, such as human rights, democracy and peacebuilding.

This website, resulting from a UN-wide effort, is thus an important contribution as it will serve as a hub of information and resource for the global community of practitioners. It will also enable all United Nations staff at Headquarters and in the field to draw more effectively on the knowledge by various entities and to keep informed of new developments in this area. It also serves as a gateway for the general public to explore this important and growing area of work.

I wish you an informative visit to the United Nations Rule of Law Website and Document Repository.